I am wary of the non-analog.  I hate buying music online, only started streaming when I realized it’s free and still won’t even consider an eReader.  Photography and video are New Media.
Drum machines and synthesizers don’t belong in rock music.
My stance on visual art changed after flipping through Phaidon’s 20th Century Art Book.  Photographers and film artists shared the space with painters equally.  Barbara Kruger.  Nan Goldin. Cindy Sherman.  They brought art down from the sublime realm of “genius.” They used art to represent their lived lives.
With rock music, I still wasn’t convinced that a band, like mine without a bassist, was going anywhere.   
Then, I heard the Kills.  VV and Hotel make music that’s raw and fucked up without being aloof.  On Keep on Your Mean Side the rhythms are stripped down to nothing more than guitar, vocals and a drum machine. But really my introduction to the Kills was the song “Black Balloon,” which I found after googling “rock duos” for encouragement.  The song begins with a clap track.
I listened to the rest of Midnight Boom with its telephone buzzing and synth beats.  Growing up on ‘80s and ‘90s bands full of 3-5 dudes, a band was an abstract dream until the Kills made rock real and concrete.
“Shoegaze.” 2016. Pen and gouache.  See more of my work in the gallery.

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