New York City is Now

The strongest sensation in the city is sensory overload – the way the sights, sounds and smells overwhelm the senses.  “You are powerful” is scrawled across a bar bathroom wall in lipstick, and a post-it note stuck to the side of the Union Square Station says, “Speak less, work harder and be intelligent.”  New York is dense and never-ending.  Fire escapes crawl up murky buildings with dusty windows and rotten window frames.  Rust is pervasive.  The urban energy is foreign – the streets and subway buzz with a creative conscious and lack the post-industrial gloom and tension of segregated Chicago.  What makes New York special isn’t the skyscrapers.  It’s urban like any other city with flashing signs.  The tourist traps were suffocating.  The late-night, steel shutters are graffiti’d canvasses.  The people who live here have no time to stroke egos.  They are busy.  They are driven.  They have ten very important errands to finish today.  One local asks me, “what are you passionate about ?” He wants to know now, before small niceties.  The city is full of millions of other ambitious people.  He says that there’s no reason why he won’t be a sound engineer at Madison Square Garden one day.  So what do I want to do ?
“Vaya con Dios” by me. 2016. Pen, ink and gouache. see more of my work in the gallery.

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