Jennifer Finch

Jennifer Finch, L7’s bassist, started taking photos on a camera given to her by her father at 14.  She captured the drug culture of punk youth in 1980’s California.  She played in bands and experimented with heroin.  Some photos feature well-known musicians before they were famous – Courtney Love, Henry Rollins, Flea.  She made portraits of kids at the intersection of being young and discontent, reaching out into art and digging a deep hole in drugs.  1980’s punk had a freedom about it – musicians and fans experimented with gender and sexuality without the politics or vocabulary.  They were artists and musicians first.  Finch wasn’t Larry Clark.  She didn’t skate around with a bunch of kids and a camera and learn their stories.  She was one of them – kids who maybe were bullied at school or had a hard-ass for a dad or never saw their exhausted, single mom.  Finch’s subjects were searching for something, and through her lens they’re caught in the act of looking.  The photos are a visceral look at life and yearning and defiance that don’t rely on theory or fancy vernacular to assert meaning.
Header : “Page 29.” Collage and gouache.  2016.  part of upcoming book, PSYCHOSEXUAL.  see more of my work in the gallery
Photography by Jennifer Precious Finch. 



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