New Contemporary

The NEW CONTEMPORARY is plastered with “meta” and “neo,” a cataclysm of pastiche and recycled buzzwords.  You’re in der Kunstgalerie, and in between “juxtapositions” and “amorphous forms” you’re trying to figure out what these extrusions on the wall mean to the artist.  You’re trying to get in on the vapid “edginess” and inside jokes outsiders non-cultivés would never understand but internally asking :
What systems is this work deconstructing and so what ?
Where is the forbidden art, that comes from the ancient part of a person the poet Audre Lorde used to talk about ?  The identities a person isn’t allowed to own – heritage, sexuality and memories ?  You’re an artist because you want to talk about ideas that most people glance over nonchalantly.  You see the logical step after postmodern performance art or the “pictures generation” is to cross the line from public to personal.  Combine confessional poetry-like text with provocative images.  Move the narrative from – “this is how media/society affects you” to “this is how media affected me” and then dismantle those systems, one wall at a time. 
“The Pastels.” Pen, gouache and pastels.  2015.  see more of my work in the gallery

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