PSYCHOSEXUAL is the dichotomy between the way society expects to see youth mentally (silent) and sexually (promiscuous), and that conflict, especially in girls & queer kids.  I work through mixed media, combining image and text as though creating advertisements.  Each image speaks to an ad seen at a train stop or in a shop window – we forget about it quickly, but the ad doesn’t forget us.  It’s still working on our sense of self.  In that way, this project draws from Barbara Kruger.  The text, however, is small confessions, inspired by Anne Sexton’s poems – psychosexual is an extended poem.  The word “psychosexual” peaked in usage in 1979 at a time when post-punk was emerging and performers were experimenting with gender expression and sexuality. The artists and musicians I loved transgressed boundaries laid down by social code and dismantled mainstream perceptions. I am interested in how these forces acted on me when I was a teen, the pressures of being seen as attractive and turning to punk and alternative rock as a venue to vocalize frustrations I didn’t have a name for.
“Book Cover.” Xerox and gouache.  2016.  from upcoming collage book, “PSYCHOSEXUAL.  see more of my work in the gallery.



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