We walk past signs and advertisements.  They are a face of a city that humans leave behind and a subconscious transport to the past or yearning for the future.  The streets are sexual and carnal, a breathing creature of words and temptation like a small-town starlet gone to Hollywood determined to be noticed.  She can dream about girls and forget about God.  I’m interested in the things we walk past and don’t notice, the subliminal messages consumed while we drink, consumed while we think and are wrapped up in our own heads.  Advertisements and standards of beauty affect a young girl’s psycho-sexual development especially – they’re plastered on billboards with promises of security and prayers to deities impossible to keep.  We walk past signs and see them and forget them when we get home, but they don’t forget us.  What is in the jumbled chaos of a convenience-store sign offering “pleasure” via a pack of cigarettes next to a photo of milk and eggs (next to a weight-loss ad/next to graffiti on the adjoining brick wall).  
“page 26.” goache, text and xerox. 2016. from upcoming collage book.  see more of my work in the gallery.

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