Mixed media and collage are presented as a chaos in a space and lend themselves to dialog about the miasma of images that exist in the world.  Visual art should challenge the ability of a painting to exist on a wall as decoration.  I’m interested in the text and images that can’t be consumed mindlessly with a slight nod of the head and a, “that’s pretty.”  Dadaists, Feminists and Pop Artists use collage to call attention to mass culture and dismantle societal norms that media manufactures.  Collage can be made with nothing but paper, scissors and a Xerox machine, in the same way Duchamp’s “ready-mades” weren’t created to be archived on a millionaire’s wall.  What happens when an artist isolates a warning to trucks, spray-painted on the wall, “sound horn !” or an advertisement that has the word “pleasure” plastered across a pack of cigarettes ?  In mixed media, I’m working to combine mediums to rework meaning, and like the “real world” the work is presented in layers – text, images and sometimes sound.
“page 28.” goache, text, photo and xerox. 2016. from upcoming collage book.  see more of my work in the gallery.



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