Founding members of the punk rock movement in the 1970’s might argue punk should have stayed in the pubs, but New York is a breeding ground of visual artists and musicians, which encourages art spaces to exist outside rich buyers and punk rock to expand beyond three chords.  Punk rock emerges from the dive bars of the East Village and intermingles with the gallery crowds from Chelsea – people experimenting with modernist literature, critical theory and performance art.  Visual artists bypass a review in ARTFORUM and promote their work through underground zines and Xerox posters instead, and punk musicians experiment with noise, lo-fi production and poetry.  Many well-known New York musicians are also visual artists or writers.   Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth works as a gallery assistant to pay the rent and Patti Smith’s first song, “Piss Factory,” is a poem read-aloud to a guitar riff.  Where London’s punk is working-class rebellion against the Queen, 1970’s New York is the perfect time and place for text, visual and sound mediums to merge. 
“page 5.” photography and gouache. 2016. see more of my work in the gallery

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