Feminist art in the 1970’s and 1980’s departs from the rhetoric of a male-dominated space, and like other postmodern art, works to expose structures of oppression in the art world and society.  Cindy Sherman’s work, “Untitled Film Stills,” features the artist in provocative or emotional moments.  Calling attention to women’s bodies in film or on canvas, Sherman defies the male gaze and the superficiality of being “looked at” in a public space.  Barbara Kruger investigates the way messages are consumed by people through media.  In advertisement-parodies juxtaposing high-contrast images with stark, red text, Kruger encourages the viewer to question implied standards of beauty.  Nan Goldin’s high-ISO and low-light photos capture intimate spaces of New York City’s underground in the 1980’s.  Goldin shared interior narratives and the realities of queer people and victims of domestic abuse that diverged from the typical subjects portrayed in art. These three artists propose a different kind of beauty to their viewers.
The Ballad of Sexual Dependency – Nan Goldin
Untitled Film Stills – Cindy Sherman
Remote Control : Power, Cultures and the World of Appearances – Barbara Kruger
“love [us].” xerox and ink. 2016. see more of my work in the gallery
Misty and Jimmy Paulette in Taxi. 1991. Nan Goldin.

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