Material Flex @ Johalla Projects

Five artists at the Material Flex Exhibition reject traditional methods of art-making and bring the medium to the forefront – we’re not supposed to only see an attractive photograph or screen-print or oil painting.  The artists want us to see the structure of the work, the bones peeking out of the canvas.  With traditional methods are canvases on the wall covered in wall spackle, photographic emulsion and image transfers made with photo-copied images.  The image is not so much about the scene before the viewer but the textures on the canvas – not the “what” but the “how” of the image.  Through these materials the paintings are conscious of their own construction or contextually dismantle assumptions.  They are rejecting the trope of art being pretty or easily digested.  They subvert our idea of what a space could be and deconstruct the formulas we’ve already created in our heads.
Header : “foetus.” ink and oil pastel. 2014. see more of my work in the gallery
Landscamp No.2. 2015. Kevin Goodrich. 



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